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Addenbrooke's Hospital

Institute For Medical Research

The CIMR building was constructed in 1998 but since completion the occupiers had experienced air infiltration, temperature variations and localised moisture ingress. The building is constructed from an in insitu reinforced concrete frame with a single skin of masonry and an external aluminium rainscreen cladding system. Opening up investigations revealed poor installation of masonry, vapour barriers, insulation, sealing details and fixing of the cladding system.

Remedial works to the building were carried out over 5 phases, spanning 22 months and included the complete removal of all the cladding panels, existing insulation and vapour barriers. Repairs were then carried out to the masonry with new vapour barriers, effective seals and the provision of enhanced insulation panels. The existing rainscreen cladding system was then refixed.

The building is located in the middle of the busy Addenbrooke's hospital site and was occupied 24 hours a day seven days a week with access being required at all times. Disruption to the building occupiers had to be kept to a minimum and the sensitive environment around the building had to be considered at all stages of the refurbishment programme.

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